DIY Conversation Heart Balloons

Okay, let me start off with this. I LOVE love. Seriously. Anytime I see a couple who are just indisputably in love – my heart jumps, I uncontrollably smile and I get all the warm fuzzy feelings inside. *insert the gagging noises of all the haters.* But seriously, I do! And I know that not everyone feels this way and thats totally fine. But I thought it was important for you to know now, before you dive too deep into my blog because you are going to find it  E V E R Y W H E R E  here.


With that being said, I really like Valentines day. Not because of the chocolates or flowers I get from my sweet husband, though that is a bonus, but because everything is just plain cute! (I mean, have you seen Target’s Dollar Spot recently! *insert heart eyes emoji*) Now inevitably, cute stuff gets me in the mood to DIY! Therefore I bring to you these DIY Conversation Heart Balloons!


What will you need?
-foil heart balloons (mine are from Dollar Tree because they’ll fill them up for free!)
-black letter stickers (these are from Hobby Lobby)


Note: Hobby Lobby has tons of letter stickers. You can choose whichever ones you like, but I went with these super simple ones because they looked the most like the text on actual conversation hearts.


Roll 1 or 2 pieces of tape and stick to the back side of the balloon. I consider the back side to be the side with the barcode on it. Then press the balloon down onto a smooth flat surface, so that it doesn’t fly up while you’re trying to put on your stickers.


Now it’s time to decide what text you want on your balloons. I chose “BE MINE”, “LUV YOU” and “QT PIE”. Partially because 1 package of the letters I bought, have enough to make all three phrases. (Anyway to save, y’all. Anyway to save!) 


Then get your sticker on! Remember to line up the bottom of each sticker to keep them straight. If you don’t though, it’s okay! I’m pretty sure I have consumed more conversation hearts where the text is crooked or illegible than I have perfectly straight ones.

diy-valentines-2017-conversation-hearts-balloons-6diy-valentines-2017-conversation-hearts-balloons-7diy-valentines-2017-conversation-heart-balloons-8Voila! In no time you have three, super cute, one of a kind balloons you can add to any Valentine’s Day gift!

Happy (almost) love day!






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