Plus Size Modest Fashion | #OOTD | January 14th

Happy New Year! I am back and with some plus size, modest, outfit inspiration. You asked for more posts like this and now you have it! (Ask and you shall receive 😉 )

Disclaimer: One thing I would like you to keep in mind is that I shop a LOT of sales. What this means is that unless a brand or shop is directly sending me an item to promote for them, many of these things might not be available anymore. SOLUTION: I will link to other clothing items that are similar and would still work together with all of the other items linked in this outfit! Easy peasy!

modest plus size fashion inspiration january 14 2019

Plus Size Striped Top // This black and white striped top is (believe it or not) from Walmart! I know – I could hardly believe it myself. It has been a lifetime since I have shopped their clothing section (especially as a plus size gal) because their selection in my size was always “old-lady-ish” if I can say that. But they have really upped their game lately!

Link: Sadly this exact top is not available online but you can find a similar striped top (also from Walmart) here for $14.99.

Green Utility-Like Vest // Another surprising find from a similar department store. Any guesses? MEIJER. Their selection of extended sizes have drastically improved over the last 10 years.

Link: I purchased this vest about a year ago but good news! Green Utility Vests are available at many retailers. Here is a link to a super cute & classic green utility vest from a boutique’s Poshmark closet for $39! (*VIP Tip – Contact the seller before you purchase and see if they has a direct website and any promotions going on currently!)

Infinity Scarf // Ok. Shout out to one of my best friends for this one! She got this scarf for me for my birthday just last month and I LOVE it. Apparently, everyone else did too because Altar’d State is currently sold out BUT they have another one in burgundy that would look super cute in this mash up too!

Link: Altar’d State Fisherman Infinity Scarf in Burgundy. Currently on sale for $14.99 right here!

Classic Black Skirt // We all need a little black skirt and a little black dress in out closet! This skirt is one of my favorites and it’s probably 3 years old. But I also love Lane Bryant’s Pencil skirts!

Link: They have a couple different kinds at different lengths (Knee or Midi). The one I linked here is a pencil skirt that hits just below the knee and is $59.95. (*VIP Tip – I size up in this skirt because of my body shape and because I personally don’t want it to fit too tight. If you’re concerned about fit, they sell this style in store most of the time and you could go try it on! Or order it and have it shipped to the store FOR FREE. Then you can try it on there and if you don’t like it, you can return it right then!)

Celeste Side Gore Bootie // My friend. Get these boots! DO yourself a HUGE favor and get these boots! They go with everything, are unbelievably comfortable and they come in black and brown. OH! And they are on sale right now for $24.99!

Link: Right here. David got these boots for me for Christmas (HE picked them out!) and they are amazing! (*VIP Tip – Avenue is a great place to buy boots. Especially if you have wide calves (me!) or wide feet (me!) or if you have ever broken your foot by falling down a flight of stairs and it never properly healed and your right foot is a little misshapen. (also me!) )

There you have it and now it is your turn to give this look a try! You can shop the pieces by clicking the links or see if you have pieces in your very own closet to make this look. Until next time!




10 Things You *Probably* Didn’t Know About Me

Let’s get started!

  1. My life runs on lists.(To do lists, event lists, grocery lists, work lists, cleaning lists, MOVING lists*, etc.) I even have lists within lists. It gets pretty serious sometimes! Surprisingly though, I am not the most organized person on the planet. However one of my goals for 2018 is to become more organized, so at least I know where to begin!
  2. My favorite color is mint/seafoam blue. ‘Nuff said.
  3. I love a good graphic tee but I hate to wear t-shirts. It is all about the text and the neckline. My favorite tees are anything BUT a crew-neck tee and the text has to be witty, fun and font styled properly! (Yes. That’s a thing!)
  4. I married my high school *not so* sweetheart. Okay, so this one sounds funny but let me explain. I met David the summer before my freshmen year and we dated for a month before realizing it wasn’t going to work. (Or so we thought!) We tried getting back together multiple times throughout high school, but it never worked out. Then right after my high school graduation, he told me he was going to marry me. I laughed, told him no thanks and then two years later I married him. (My how things change!)
  5. I am a self taught hand-letterer and rookie calligrapher. Ever since I can remember, I have been a doodler. But it wasn’t until my wedding in 2013, that I began intentionally practicing the art of calligraphy and hand-lettering.
  6. Double buns are my favorite! I have loved them since Baby Spice wore them best. (Where my 90’s kids at?) But it wasn’t until recently that I built up enough courage to wear them myself and now there is no turning back!
  7. I rarely carry a purse. But if I do, it’s a cross body. Always.
  8. I love black and white almost as much as I love bright colors. But still not as much as mint/seafoam blue. (See #2)
  9. I follow Pantone trends like it is my job. I just love getting a glimpse of the colors that will be littering the streets of the world for the following season. Call me crazy!
  10. I used to loath Mexican food. Now it is one of my favorites. (However, Italian food and baked goods are still at the tippy, tippy top!)

Okay, that was fun! Now you tell me a little something about yourself. I love getting to know you gals!

Best & Blessings,


5 Steps to Start Doing Something

Have you ever wanted to do something that you thought would be awesome, but then never followed through with it? At some point you got detoured and thrown off course and you never quiet complete it OR didn’t even start? If so, then girl – this is for you!

Let me start by telling you that I am basically a professional idea thinker-upper. (Like I’m fairly certain I just made that up. BOOM!) I have always loved the idea of starting new things! I conjure up ideas for crafts, home decor projects, party decorations, small businesses, marketing strategies, household chore lists, workshops, etc. ALL THE TIME. But in the past, I would never actually follow through with any of these things.

Why is that? Have you ever stopped and asked yourself “What happened?” or “Why didn’t I ever do that?” or maybe “What happened to the “hot fire flames” that once filled my soul with the passion to take on the world?” Just kidding… sorta. Well I began asking myself these questions recently and through prayer, devotion and self evaluation – I have narrowed it down to just five reasons why I personally never started or finished something. I think they will resonate with some of you too!

#1. Laziness – For real. I’d rather be watching other people chase their dreams and burn those lazy lifestyle calories while I throw down some Girl Scout cookies on my couch watching Fuller House. (You all know what I’m talking about! Don’t get me wrong though, Samoas are AMAZING but they aren’t worth losing your dream over. Just sayin’.)

#2. Fear – Fear of failure, rejection, humiliation, bullying, criticism, etc. If you can name it – you can claim it! But no one, I repeat NO ONE needs to claim any of these. Fear is not for you. Get rid of it! God is not the author of fear and I personally want him to be the author of my life. And if that’s the case then that means fear has no place here. *Bye, Fearlicia!*

#3. Lack of Confidence – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13. I’m gonna be honest (and some might disagree with me) but I don’t often look to find confidence within myself. However, I know who lives within me is far greater than myself and He can do anything. Literally. So I put my confidence in Him! Because He can do it!

#4. Poor Time Management – Okay. I am totally preaching to myself y’all! I work a full time job, I have a husband to feed and help keep alive; and we are very involved in our local church. But I gotta tell you, I have been believing a lie for a long time that has robbed me of a lot of things and it is this. “I don’t have enough time.” or sometimes it shows up as “I am too busy to do that.”Girl, boo. The majority of us can debunk this lie real fast if we were to just stop and think about how much time we sit on our phones every day. Right?! Can I get an amen from a sista? (Yes, my Pentecostal is showing.) It is key to prioritize your time, y’all. But I’ll talk more on this in a future post.

#5. Too Much “Noise” – AKA: Turn down the haters. Be careful who you seek council from. Don’t accept just anyone’s opinion as truth or advice as right for you. We have a lot of avenues for people and things to speak into our lives and we gotta be careful! Sometimes we gotta put on some spiritual ear muffs and tune out the world and tune into what Jesus has to say. Because girl, He is speaking but He ain’t screaming! You gotta eliminate some unnecessary noise so you can hear Him speak to you. #Prayer

In summary…

#1. Get up and do something. Just start already!

#2. Say “So long fear!” and let God author your life.

#3. Put your confidence in Him who can do all things.

#4. Prioritize your time.

#5. Turn down the noise. Tune into God! (And those whose opinions matter.)

Now go get ’em, girl!


We Are Expanding!


Hey gal pals! If you haven’t been on Instagram or Facebook in awhile, then you have probably missed out on our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT(Or if you have been on but you aren’t seeing my stuff – that could be because of their “new” algorithms that filter out content that you aren’t regularly “liking” or commenting on. An easy fix is to go to the Whatsoever’s Lovely Facebook page and/or Instagram page and like or comment on a couple recent posts. That should help – I mean – if you want to see my stuff. 😉 )

Getting back on track. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT = We are adding a new addition to Whatsoever’s Lovely! WL has been a start up blog for just over a year now and we are now expanding into a modest, online, clothing boutique! Not to fret, the blog isn’t going anywhere. In fact, I am currently working on ramping up the blog and adding some more brand-specific content that will make our vision even clearer to our readers.

Now for the details. The who, the why and the when. 

THE WHY: When I originally closed my online lettering shop and started this blog, I knew from the very beginning that Whatsoever’s Lovely was going to grow, change and evolve over time. God had confirmed in my Spirit that this was different than anything else I had done before. It wasn’t just about paint, pretty signs, making a buck and lettering. Whatsoever’s Lovely was destined to be different.

That’s what brings us to my next point in “the why”. I have felt a great desire, need and urgency to help equip women with the necessary tools to win the major battles we all face. One of those being self-love. I have layed up at night thinking of ways I can get young girls to understand their worth and to truly comprehend God’s love for them. I want them to understand that if God can love them, then they should be able to love themselves. The pictures that the world is painting about self-love and self-care are horrifying. They are laced with the idea that loving yourself means doing whatever you want to, showing as much skin as possible and then being defensive of your actions in ways that tear others down because “their opinion doesn’t matter”. But I want to flip the script. I want women around the world to know that the key to self-love is not found in a magazine, a feminist movement or the web. The key to self-love and self-care is in the Word of God and through the teaching of it. And I plan to do just that!

THE WHO: Though this change is VERY exciting (have I mentioned that before? 😉 ), I am a one woman show. There is no one else sitting at this computer writing this post. No one else is staying up late, shopping for new items that are just right for the boutique. It’s just me, Chrisi. With that being said, I covet your prayers and your patience. (And your excitement too!)

THE WHEN: The official launch of our website is set to be this summer. An official date has not been announced yet as there are some details that I am still working on before I can set a date. 🙂 However, I have already began putting together some fun and exciting things to keep the excitement going! (Pssst. I’m even talking about some opportunities to shop the stock before the website even launches… and possibly a party. Who doesn’t like a party?!)

Phew. If you have made it to the end of this post – wow. Thank you! You are mega committed and supportive of my dream and that means SO MUCH to me. Please make sure to follow along on my Instagram page and my Facebook page as that is where I will continue to keep everyone up to date on how things are moving along and when they can expect to shop! As always, thanks for reading.

Best & Blessings,


Top Five Friday | #1

Here it is folks! My first EVER “Top Five” list.
And what better list to start with than a top five BIBLE JOURNALING supplies list! Yep. Here it is – the one you’ve all been patiently waiting and asking for!

(Important Note: This list is shop-able. Meaning you can click on the pictures and it will take you to the Amazon listing where you can purchase the item for yourself! *Please note if you purchase it through my link, I will receive a small % of commission.* Thank you!)


ESV Single Column Journaling Bible by Crossway
Price: $39.15

I have all the heart eyes for this Bible! It’s warm chestnut brown cover with super cute leaves etched into it. Oh my. Also, it was my very first journaling Bible gifted to me by my sweet husband a few Christmas’ ago. (I just love him!) If you are in the market for a good journaling Bible, I highly recommend this one!


Artists Loft Fundamentals Watercolor Pan Set, 36 Colors
Price: $7.00

This is a great first watercolor set. I have used this one for many different projects such as card making, brush lettering and especially Bible Journaling. And it’s just $7! That’s a steal.


Zeker Washi Tape Rolls Set, 23 Rolls
Price: $13.99

Y’all know I love me some washi tape! David would even go as far as to say that I have an obsession – but I don’t. It all fits into one drawer in my office! #success Anyway, this set of washi tape is also a GREAT starter set. It’s all solid colors – ranging from cool to warm colors – and it’s thin so you can practice mixing and matching different color tapes without over doing it! (If you can do such a thing. 😉 )


Pentel Arts Sign Pen – Assorted Styles – Pack of 3
Price: $10.17

Before you *gasp* over paying a little over $10 for 3 measly pens – hear me out. These are NO ordinary pens. I have had mine for months now and they still aren’t showing wear & tear. AND you will be surprised at how easily you keep track of pens you’ve paid decent money for! #funnybutserious

This set is also awesome for the simple fact that each pen has a different tip and different ink. For example…
The Original Sign Pen has a durable fiber tip that will not break down.
The Sign Pen porous point pigment ink pen is acid-free, fade proof and water resistant.
The Sign Pen porous point water-based ink pen features a brush tip.


Simple Stories Snap Letters – Bold Colors
Price: $3.86

Letter stickers are a great alternative to always writing out your text. It adds depth to your page and helps make your text POP off the page! Plus, at less than $4 for 8 sheets – you can’t beat that!

That’s it! This marks the end of my first ever TOP FIVE FRIDAY post. I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful! If you did, please let me know in the comments below. Or if you have any questions, comments or maybe your own suggestions – pretty please comment below. I love hearing from you!



What Are You Speaking?

Bible Journaling | Entry #2 | Proverbs 15:4

Bible Journaling Entry Proverbs 15 4

“Gentle words are a tree of life; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.” – Proverbs 15:4 NLT

This verse. I NEED this verse to dig deep down into my heart and make itself at home there. Do you? I mean, I’ve always taken pride in that my first response to strangers (or even those I know) is to be kind. The second response however? Not so much. And God forbid you are outright rude to me or you have a staring problem! (Cue me taking off my imaginary earrings, pulling my hair back into a ponytail and rolling up my sleeves because now you’ve asked for it!) Okay, maybe I’m not that bad. But you can count on me giving you a dirty look, thinking not nice things about you and possibly mumbling something under my breath. (Cue all the modern day Pharisee’s gasping, clutching their lapels and exiting this blog before any of my “human” rubs off on them.) Yes, I did just admit that I have been short tempered before but let’s not be so quick to cast stones. We all struggle with things, this was my struggle, and accountability is part of the process. Hello?

Moving right along. I can recall being an older child, maybe 7 or 8 years old, and having quiet a temper. But it wasn’t all the time and it wasn’t with everyone. I never spoke out of turn at school or to my school friends – I saved most of it for my parents, my sister and my closest friends. This trend followed me all through middle school, high school and right into married life. Unfortunately, I had never addressed the problem. Had I called it out earlier, maybe I wouldn’t have carried it right into my marriage and let it dictate the first few years of David and I’s relationship. Thankfully (and painfully), I came into a head on collision with it last year and decided enough was enough. Why was I still dealing with this habit that I had when I was a kid? The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 13:11:

 ” When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” (KJV)

But when I became a man. When I grew up. When I matured, I put away childish things. You see, when you grow up you aren’t supposed to entertain the same things you did as a child. You aren’t supposed to act the way you did as a child. This did it for me. This was it. This is when I said “enough is enough” and made up in my mind that  I wasn’t going to live this way anymore. I had let anger and frustration hurt relationships that God had given me. That GOD had given me. That’s when it clicked. The people I treated the worst were the ones I was closest to. Why? Wouldn’t you think that those would be the people I would treat the best? Well going back to my original text:

“Gentle words are a tree of life; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.” – Proverbs 15:4 NLT

So if “gentle words” are a tree of life, then what does that make “not so gentle words”? When I was saying mean things to others, and cutting them down just because they made me mad – I was speaking death into our relationship. Death. What is death directly connected to in the Bible? Sin. Who did sin originate with? Satan (though it entered the world through Adam). L I G H T B U L B. 

You see, I was never connecting my anger and short temperedness to anything or anyone other than myself. I always took ownership of it. Like when I would have a spat with someone, my apology would go a little something like this.

“Hey. I’m really sorry for the things I said earlier. I have always been short tempered for as long as I can remember and sometimes it just gets the best of me.”

Ownership. Ownership. Ownership.
What I should have been saying was:

“Hey. I’m really sorry for the things I said earlier. Sometimes, when I let my flesh go unchecked, I speak out of turn and say hurtful things. But I want you to know I appreciate our friendship.”

Ladies, if you can relate to this – listen to me. Stop taking ownership of your sin and struggle. In order for you to own something, you have to pay something for it and beautiful – you didn’t pay for it! Jesus already did and He has NO PLANS of allowing you to buy it back from Him. So you better go ahead and repent and lay that sin at the feet of Jesus and walk away from it. Because God has big plans for you and they don’t include you continuing in your cycle of sin.  And don’t you dare let that stupid Devil continue to trip you up and try to steal those God given relationships in your life! They are there for a reason and unless God tells you to cut ties, then you need to nurture and care for them with “gentle words” like our text says. Speak life today, ladies. To your spouse, your coworkers, your children, your friendships and to the spiritual authority in your life! Oh, I better stop there before I get off on another tangent. That’s another post for another time! 😉

Speak life not death today, beautiful. You got this!



A Beginners Guide to Bible Journaling

Bible journaling. What is it? Well if you would have asked me two years ago I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. I hadn’t heard of it until I stumbled upon the hashtag (#ipaintinmybible) on Instagram. But once I scrolled through tens, maybe hundreds, of entries – I was hooked and I knew I had to give it a try!


A few things for you to know.

* There is no right or wrong way to journal in your Bible. You can do as little or as much as you want. Some people paint the whole page while others just write in the margins. I personally only work in the margins and I try not to permanently cover all the words to where I can’t read them. But what works for me may not work for you! Its a-okay.

* Bible journaling and Bible studying go hand in hand. When I journal, I am usually journaling a verse that stuck out to me while I was reading my Bible. More times than not, this verse also becomes my memory verse for the week! So it’s basically a win-win-win.

* This is between you and God. Don’t get caught up trying to make your page look just like someone else’s or trying to be perfect. If your mind starts to wander there, stop and refocus. Often times, I pray while I am painting or lettering on a page. This helps me to stay focused on what God is trying to speak to me personally and it helps remove the thoughts of perfection or competition.


Okay. Let’s get to it! The first thing you want to do is decide on the verse (or verses) of scripture that you want to focus on. I try to limit my focus verse to just one but if I want to remember other verses on the page as well, I’ll highlight them. (Instead of lettering them in the margin.)

Then pick your medium. 99.9% of the time, I choose watercolor. That’s because, it adds color to the page without completely covering the text. (see statement above 😉 ) You can paint the page with one solid color or you can play around with different colors and color schemes. Just remember to not wet your page too much or else it might rip!

*Tip: Slide a piece of cardstock, cardboard or watercolor paper under your page to keep your paint from bleeding through to other pages.*

After you’ve applied the paint, you can either wait for it to dry or use a blow dryer to speed up the process. (If you are as impatient as I am – use a blow dryer!) Once it is completely dry, you can start adding stickers, decals and/or washi tape to your page. I got these lovely triangle stickers at Hobby Lobby for like $1.00 because they were 50% off! Boom baby!

As you can see above, I also layered different kinds of washi tape above my stickers where I planned on putting down some sparkly letter stickers. Now don’t let the word “planned” stress you out. I am a planner by nature so I sometimes sketch out an idea before I start the page. You do not have to do this. If you aren’t a planner then great! You do whatever works best for you!


Then after you lay down your letter stickers (if you’re using some) just fill in the remaining words with a good pen or marker. I have a few favorites that are my “go to” utensils when I journal. Which maybe I will introduce them to you in a future post!

And that’s it! Bible Journaling 101. I hope those of you who have fiddled with the idea of giving it a try, finally take the leap of faith and give it a go. And when you do, if you post it on Instagram, use the #WLSpreadTheLovely so that I can see! I can’t wait to see what all you come up with!

Do you have any tips or tricks for Bible journaling? Comment and share below! I would love to hear them. I am always up to try something new!