Top Five Friday | #1

Here it is folks! My first EVER “Top Five” list.
And what better list to start with than a top five BIBLE JOURNALING supplies list! Yep. Here it is – the one you’ve all been patiently waiting and asking for!

(Important Note: This list is shop-able. Meaning you can click on the pictures and it will take you to the Amazon listing where you can purchase the item for yourself! *Please note if you purchase it through my link, I will receive a small % of commission.* Thank you!)


ESV Single Column Journaling Bible by Crossway
Price: $39.15

I have all the heart eyes for this Bible! It’s warm chestnut brown cover with super cute leaves etched into it. Oh my. Also, it was my very first journaling Bible gifted to me by my sweet husband a few Christmas’ ago. (I just love him!) If you are in the market for a good journaling Bible, I highly recommend this one!


Artists Loft Fundamentals Watercolor Pan Set, 36 Colors
Price: $7.00

This is a great first watercolor set. I have used this one for many different projects such as card making, brush lettering and especially Bible Journaling. And it’s just $7! That’s a steal.


Zeker Washi Tape Rolls Set, 23 Rolls
Price: $13.99

Y’all know I love me some washi tape! David would even go as far as to say that I have an obsession – but I don’t. It all fits into one drawer in my office! #success Anyway, this set of washi tape is also a GREAT starter set. It’s all solid colors – ranging from cool to warm colors – and it’s thin so you can practice mixing and matching different color tapes without over doing it! (If you can do such a thing. 😉 )


Pentel Arts Sign Pen – Assorted Styles – Pack of 3
Price: $10.17

Before you *gasp* over paying a little over $10 for 3 measly pens – hear me out. These are NO ordinary pens. I have had mine for months now and they still aren’t showing wear & tear. AND you will be surprised at how easily you keep track of pens you’ve paid decent money for! #funnybutserious

This set is also awesome for the simple fact that each pen has a different tip and different ink. For example…
The Original Sign Pen has a durable fiber tip that will not break down.
The Sign Pen porous point pigment ink pen is acid-free, fade proof and water resistant.
The Sign Pen porous point water-based ink pen features a brush tip.


Simple Stories Snap Letters – Bold Colors
Price: $3.86

Letter stickers are a great alternative to always writing out your text. It adds depth to your page and helps make your text POP off the page! Plus, at less than $4 for 8 sheets – you can’t beat that!

That’s it! This marks the end of my first ever TOP FIVE FRIDAY post. I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful! If you did, please let me know in the comments below. Or if you have any questions, comments or maybe your own suggestions – pretty please comment below. I love hearing from you!




DIY Conversation Heart Balloons

Okay, let me start off with this. I LOVE love. Seriously. Anytime I see a couple who are just indisputably in love – my heart jumps, I uncontrollably smile and I get all the warm fuzzy feelings inside. *insert the gagging noises of all the haters.* But seriously, I do! And I know that not everyone feels this way and thats totally fine. But I thought it was important for you to know now, before you dive too deep into my blog because you are going to find it  E V E R Y W H E R E  here.


With that being said, I really like Valentines day. Not because of the chocolates or flowers I get from my sweet husband, though that is a bonus, but because everything is just plain cute! (I mean, have you seen Target’s Dollar Spot recently! *insert heart eyes emoji*) Now inevitably, cute stuff gets me in the mood to DIY! Therefore I bring to you these DIY Conversation Heart Balloons!


What will you need?
-foil heart balloons (mine are from Dollar Tree because they’ll fill them up for free!)
-black letter stickers (these are from Hobby Lobby)


Note: Hobby Lobby has tons of letter stickers. You can choose whichever ones you like, but I went with these super simple ones because they looked the most like the text on actual conversation hearts.


Roll 1 or 2 pieces of tape and stick to the back side of the balloon. I consider the back side to be the side with the barcode on it. Then press the balloon down onto a smooth flat surface, so that it doesn’t fly up while you’re trying to put on your stickers.


Now it’s time to decide what text you want on your balloons. I chose “BE MINE”, “LUV YOU” and “QT PIE”. Partially because 1 package of the letters I bought, have enough to make all three phrases. (Anyway to save, y’all. Anyway to save!) 


Then get your sticker on! Remember to line up the bottom of each sticker to keep them straight. If you don’t though, it’s okay! I’m pretty sure I have consumed more conversation hearts where the text is crooked or illegible than I have perfectly straight ones.

diy-valentines-2017-conversation-hearts-balloons-6diy-valentines-2017-conversation-hearts-balloons-7diy-valentines-2017-conversation-heart-balloons-8Voila! In no time you have three, super cute, one of a kind balloons you can add to any Valentine’s Day gift!

Happy (almost) love day!